Culinary inspiration book ‘Signature’

Signature is an absolute must-have for culinary lovers. It’s a beautiful chronicle of ten years Aan de Poel. The book is a limited edition, has a unique cover and is numbered. Each cover has its own signature and is hand-painted by Patron Cuisinier Stefan van Sprang.
Signature dish

Purple Rain, Magical Duckbreast, Pink Squid are some of the phenomenal signature dishes of Aan de Poel. With extreme precision and level of detail these dishes have been photographed by Maurice Fransen. He has captured the soul of the creations of Aan de Poel in a magnificent way.
Behind the scenes

What makes you feel directly at home when visiting Aan de Poel where everything and everybody is yin-yang. Personalities and skills complete each other. The book takes you behind the scenes with the core team, friends and regular guests share their thoughts and even (secret) memories.
Chef’s top 10

Besides the main menu, every three weeks Aan de Poel presents a new month menu. Patron Cuisinier Stefan van Sprang shows his specific way of creating a menu together with his ten favourite ingredients. And Maître Robbert Veuger shares the juicy details of his love for wine.
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